Empowering the future with technologies.

Virkea Stories

Nur Agus Suryoko

Chief Executive Officer

Sigit Prayoga

Chief Technology Officer

Founded in 2014

With a proven track record of successful acquisitions, investments, and partnerships, we have established ourselves as a leader in strategic business development.

Our company offers a comprehensive range of technology services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Our subsidiaries focus on cutting-edge technologies.

Procurement software for simplifies process, reducing costs and improving efficiency with web and mobile based software.

Discover Procura

Cloud hosting service that facilitates flexibility, security, and performance. All this is backed by caring expert support.

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Provides physical and digital security to maintain secured environment and safeguard a customers assets.

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With our products, we proud to having a several clients with different background of their companies.